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2,000% ROI of your marketing campaign is possible! Here are three ways you can achieve it

February 05, 2017

1. Rather than pumping all of your money into regular Facebook Ads, invest some on a Facebook retargeting campaign at the same time!

Did you know that a retargeting campaign will cost you less money than a regular Facebook Ads campaign? Not only that, the power of it is HUGE! Have you ever encountered the problem that a potential customer visited your website but didn't log in nor did he/she put anything in his/her shopping cart? How are you going to reach that person?

Facebook Retargeting Ads will show previous visitors the products they browsed before on their Facebook timeline. The idea behind this is that Retargeting Ads trigger previous visitors to visit your website again to purchase the product they saw before. The difference with regular Facebook Ads is that Retargeting Ads target those who have visited your website before, thus focusing on those who showed initial interest rather than just targeting random new users. This will increase your chances of selling tremendously! See how to set up a Facebook Retargeting Ads but skip the complicated pixel and product catalog setting.

2. Set up your target audience group correctly!

An effective target audience setting is crucial. When you are setting your target audience, make sure you do not only choose age and location, instead, you should set up "interests" based on the habits of your target audience.

Think about what kind of Facebook fans pages that your target audience would like, what kind of life events they are experiencing, what relationship status they are, or if there is any anniversary date coming to them. That would help you a lot to reach them with a lower budget.

On top of this, an effective retargeting audience setting is even more important. There is no need to spend money on retargeting ads for people who will not be triggered by them. If someone has already purchased a product from your online store, then the chance of them wanting to buy the same product in the next few days is nihil. Learn more about Retargeting audience setting method.

3. Invest your money on product photography, not coupons.

We see it all the time; website owners try to make sales through offering coupon codes right when you're about to leave their website. Is it effective? In some cases, but here's a better way to attract customers to your store.

Your online store is just like a physical store. You showcase your products in the most attractive way possible to encourage visitors to buy something. No matter how much you invest on Ads campaigns, for online stores, the most important decoration is your product images. Even more so than a physical store, as visitors cannot feel and touch the product, they buy something based solely on appearance, so you better make your product images look as great and attractive as possible. Most Facebook users will only spend 0.1 sec on each ad on their timeline; you need to grasp their attention in that split second! The best way to do that is to show professional pictures of your products that appeal to your audience.

With participated these three ideas, an over 2,000% ROI is certainly achievable.

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