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Boost customer retention with Ako Loyalty Program
Boost customer retention with Ako Loyalty Program: VIP Tiers, Referrals, Reviews

Customers can redeem points with one click on cart page and receive different rewards based on their VIP tiers

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Get deeper insights with CRM Dashboard

Discover who your most loyal customers are, how to better retarget them, and what keeps them coming back to your shop

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Promote your Instagram Reels by directly messaging special coupons to people who commented on your posts. It helps you boost exposures of your Instagram profile and gain more additional sales.

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Increase customer acquisition with 1-Click Social Login

Embed Instagram, Facebook, and Google login integrations on your Shopify store to gain your customer base easier and faster.

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Drive Higher Retargeting Conversions
Use Ako Retargeting Funnel® to design your retargeting journey like a breeze.
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Reach potential customers across Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube who have expressed interest in the products similar to yours, even if they haven't visited your website.

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Direct Message curated discounts to people who commented on your Instagram posts and drive them to your store automatically.

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Website Visitors Retargeting

Retarget the audiences who have visited your Shopify store with advanced sequential retargeting ads

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Deliver product videos/images to the people who have just viewed the products or abandoned the carts

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Expand Ako's capabilities by seamlessly integrating with top-tier apps, seamlessly incorporating product reviews from, and implementing effective email marketing through platforms such as Klaviyo.

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Great App that allows us to retarget our audience more precisely and accurately. With an ease of use to set up. Quick and effective!
blushandbar products
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Hands down the best retargeting app out there and i've tried everything from other apps. The support team really knows the pains of a merchant and caters the product to make it as easy as possible to pick up extra sales. I've recovered over $10K of lost sales with ako retargeting. Never going to leave. Thanks the team!
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Great team to answer all your questions, with a one on one video session! Very easy to install and in seconds, this can be loaded and working already. First day, it was everywhere and everyone saw it.
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App looks extremely clean and very easy to use. I've just started a campaign and can't wait to start seeing the conversions roll in!
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It’s a good app. Save a lot of time and having great results!! They keep adding more useful features. Love it!
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Shopify Retargeting Strategies: Turn Abandoned Carts into Completed Sales
High cart abandonment rates can indicate that customers are having a bad experience while shopping in your online store, which hurts their satisfaction and your brand’s reputation. Managing cart abandonment is key to increasing conversion rates, improving customer experience, and boosting profitability. A confusing website or a multi-step checkout process can frustrate customers and make them reconsider their purchase. Simplifying the checkout process can encourage more customers to complete their purchases. Once the cart abandonment issues are fixed, you can add retargeting strategies to bring back potential customers. Why Do Customers Abandon Their Carts? Many customers visit online stores, fill their carts with items, and then leave without making a purchase. This is a common issue for e-commerce businesses, with abandonment rates averaging around 70%. Understanding why customers abandon their carts can help you address these issues and improve your conversion rates. 1. Mandatory Account Creation Mandatory account creation can be a significant barrier for your customers. Many see it as an unnecessary extra step, especially if they only plan on making a one-time purchase. While some stores insist on account creation to retarget customers with emails and boost lead generation, this requirement might drive first-time buyers to look elsewhere. To help you overcome this challenge, consider implementing a one-click social login, allowing your customers to sign in using their existing social media accounts. This not only simplifies the account creation process but also enhances the user experience by reducing the friction associated with traditional sign-up methods. By leveraging Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM app feature, you can still capture valuable customer information for future marketing efforts without imposing the burden of mandatory account creation. 2. Long or confusing checkout process A long or confusing checkout process can frustrate your customers and make them reconsider their purchase. Our brains use shortcuts to make quick decisions and save energy, so customers naturally value speed and simplicity when shopping online. To help you streamline this process, consider using Qikify Checkout Customizer. Features like auto-fill for addresses and payment information, and guest checkout options, will make things faster and easier for your customers. By simplifying the checkout process with Qikify, You can enhance the overall shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately boost your sales. 3.No Coupon Code Available Customers love a good deal, and the absence of a coupon code can be a deal-breaker for some. If a potential customer sees a field for a coupon code and doesn't have one, they might abandon their cart to search for one online and potentially never return. To prevent this, ensure that you offer accessible coupon codes or promotions. Ako’s Retargeting features can help bring back those customers who have abandoned their carts. By analyzing their behavior and purchase patterns, Ako can send personalized discount codes directly to these customers. For example, if someone leaves items in their cart, Ako can automatically trigger an email or a social media ad reminding them of their abandoned items and offering a special discount to encourage them to complete their purchase. Analyze your customers' behavior and purchase patterns with the Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM app to create personalized offers for your customers! 4.Extra Costs are Too High Unexpected costs at checkout are those additional charges that pop up only when you’re ready to finalize your purchase. These can include shipping fees, taxes, or handling costs. Businesses might think it’s a good idea to reveal these costs at the last stage, hoping it leads to a higher initial commitment from customers. But often, it has the opposite effect, causing customers to abandon their carts in frustration. The key to preventing this issue is transparency and clear communication. Make sure all potential fees are visible from the start. This means displaying shipping costs, taxes, and any handling fees early in the shopping process. Don’t wait until the last minute to reveal them. If it’s not possible to show exact fees right away, provide a clear estimator tool that customers can use early on. This tool should give them a good idea of what the total cost will be, including any additional charges. 5. Lack of Trust Elements Businesses sometimes focus all their energy on perfecting the product and overlook the importance of these trust signals. While a great product is essential, customers also need to feel confident that their personal and payment information is safe and that they’re dealing with a reputable company. To help your customers feel more secure, you can implement several trust-building elements like security badges, clear return policies, customer reviews, and easily accessible contact information. For customer reviews, merchants can use integrated into the Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM app. This made it easy for customers to share their honest opinions and experiences about your products. Every time they leave a review, they will earn rewards that can be used towards their next purchase. This not only encourages more reviews but also helps build trust among new customers. Build trust and boost your sales by integrating with Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM into your e-commerce platform today! What is Retargeting? Have you ever noticed those ads that seem to follow you around the internet? That's retargeting! These ads work by reminding potential customers of the items they left behind, keeping your brand fresh in their minds. You know, the ones that say, “You forgot to check out this item! Here’s a 20% discount code.” To achieve that, Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM uses "cookies," which are small pieces of data stored by your web browser that remember the users who visited your website. These cookies help you to track which pages you viewed and what actions you took. With this information, e-commerce marketers can create ads specifically targeting visitors who added products to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase. Why Does Retargeting Matter? Finding customers is a bit like dating. It takes time and multiple interactions to build a connection before you can seal the deal. And that’s how retargeting can help you! Retargeting not only can help you to find customers but it also helps you to connect with lost customers They Can Increase Your Conversion Rates Retargeting works by converting customers who showed interest in your brand into your real customers. It reminds them of what first caught their eye and pushes them to come back to your store and complete their purchase. It’s all about turning interest into actions that benefit you! It Keeps Your Brand in Your Customer’s Mind When you’re dating someone, it’s important to maintain consistent communication. With retargeting, you get to consistently interact with your customers by gently reminding them of your brand without being too pushy while still being on their radar. They Save Your Money Retargeting saves you money by targeting customers who have already shown interest in your brand. You don’t have to worry about wasting your budget on reaching customers who have a 0 chance of becoming your customers. As long as you precisely segment your customers and use retargeting, you get to deliver relevant ads to them with higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR). How Retargeting Can Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate? We have learned that a high cart abandonment rate is a common problem among Shopify stores. This means that you lost potential revenue. And although it may sound daunting to you, this problem can be fixed with retargeting. Here’s how it can help you: Giving Special Deals Just For You We understand that incentive is what drives our behaviour. This principle can be effectively applied to your retargeting strategies by including a special deal in your retargeting ads, such as discount codes or free shipping. Psychologically, people are more likely to click on an ad if they feel they are getting something exclusive. This creates a sense of urgency, excitement, and exclusivity. For example, try presenting this ad to a customer: "Get back and enjoy free shipping on your order!" This will likely catch their eye and encourage them to return to your store. Reaching Customers Everywhere Retargeting ads are going to be everywhere, from your favorite social media sites like Instagram to search engines like Google, and even other websites you visit. With the help of this multi-channel approach, your brand will follow your customers wherever they are on the Internet. This way, while they are, for example, jumping across their Instagram feed, rolling up on Google, or exploring other websites, your retargeting ads will follow them, softly reminding them to finish their purchase. Understanding Your Customer Behavior Every click, every visit, and every purchase tells something about your customer. These actions give you clues about what your customers like and what they need. When you understand these clues, you can tailor your offers to make them happier. Use phrases like "just for you" or "we miss you." This personal touch can make all the difference. Here are some examples: Show customers products based on what they've looked at before: "We thought you might like these items based on your recent visits." Offer discounts on items they've shown interest in: "We noticed you loved our summer collection. Enjoy 20% off on your next summer purchase!" Tips to Create Retargeting Ads That Work: Ever wondered why some ads catch your eye while others don’t? The secret lies in how they're made. We know that retargeting ads can be a powerful tool to bring customers back to your site, but creating ads that work takes a bit of skill. Know Your Audience Before anything, know your audience. Try to ask yourself: Who are they? What products are they interested in? Use analytics tools to gather insights about your visitors. With Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM, you can easily segment your audience based on their behaviors and interactions with your store. Write Ad Copies That Grab Attention Great headlines capture attention. They make ads stand out. They cause people to stop and look. Since people’s attention spans are short, your ad copy must be concise. Say things in plain, clear language without beating around the bush. Most importantly, tell your customers what's in it for them by focusing on benefits, not just features. For example, rather than saying, "Our shoes are made of high-quality material," say, "Feel the comfort with our durable, high-quality shoes." Captivate Your Audience With Eye-Catching Visuals Visuals are powerful because they communicate quickly. A great visual can convey emotion and information in a split second. In choosing visuals, the rule of thumb is that it has to adhere to making sure it reflects your brand's identity. Some brands suit bright, fun images; others work well with sleek, minimalist styles. You may also want to try using pictures of a real person, preferably someone from your company. There's research to back this up: users spent more time engaging with content that included photos of real people rather than stock images. Create a Sense of Urgency Urgency makes people feel they might miss out. This feeling pushes them to make decisions faster. When customers think they have limited time, they’re more likely to take action. Here are some simple ways to create urgency: Limited-Time Offers: "Hurry, offer ends soon!" or "Only 24 hours left!" Countdown Timers: Add a countdown timer to your website or email. Seeing the time tick down can motivate quick decisions. Scarcity Tactics: Show that items are running out! "Only 3 left in stock!" or "Few spots remaining!" work well. Conclusion Managing cart abandonment and implementing effective retargeting strategies are crucial for the success of your Shopify store. To maximize your efforts, consider using Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM. This powerful tool helps you understand your customers' behavior, personalize your offers, and streamline your marketing efforts. By integrating Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM into your strategy, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rates, and boost customer loyalty. Start using Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM today and watch your sales grow!
MooseDesk Becomes Akohub Global Partner
Akohub today announced its collaboration with MooseDesk, a top-recommended Helpdesk app on Shopify, designed specifically for eCommerce merchants. This partnership aims to improve customer service experiences, leading to happier customers, repeat purchases, and accelerated growth. About MooseDesk Moosedesk aims to provide an exceptional customer service experience for your Shopify store. Their comprehensive features are tailored to simplify and enhance customer service management. Businesses can effortlessly manage customer inquiries in a single workspace, providing instant solutions and enabling the measurement of team performance for continuous improvement. Key Features of MooseDesk: Comprehensive Ticketing System: Manage and resolve all customer inquiries efficiently in one unified platform. Personalized Support: Enhance customer experience with features like customer notes, ticket tags, scheduled sending, and more. Customizable FAQ Pages: Create visually appealing FAQ pages with templates that can be easily customized in terms of layout, fonts, and styles. Self-Service Widget: Customize the self-service widget to include built-in FAQs and a 'Contact Us' option to address common issues promptly. Performance Reports: Gain valuable insights through detailed reports to measure team performance and make informed decisions. Take Action Today! Ready to transform your customer service experience? Discover the powerful capabilities of MooseDesk today and elevate your Shopify’s store success. Add MooseDesk and Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM to your Shopify strategy and boost your repeated purchases today!About Akohub Akohub is the all-in-one marketing app that empowers Shopify stores with loyalty programs, marketing funnels, and retargeting features. Akohub’s mission is to help businesses thrive by enhancing customer retention, engagement, and sales, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for e-commerce success. Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM is dedicated to helping e-commerce merchants boost customer repeat purchases and conversions with customizable loyalty retargeting programs. With this partnership, we aim to boost repeat purchases and conversions. For partnerships or further information, please contact:
Top 10 Shopify Apps to Boost Sales and Conversion in 2024
Sales and conversions are the two essential elements of a successful Shopify store. As a store owner, you should be aware that the average conversion rate for Shopify stores is around 1.4%. This number can feel challenging, but it’s an important metric for measuring your store’s performance. We know that every visitor who becomes a buyer is a step towards more revenue and growth for your business. But how do you turn those visitors into loyal customers? It all comes down to improving your sales and conversion rates. To achieve this, you need to ensure a smooth customer journey from the moment they visit your website to the point of making a purchase. Focus on these critical areas to drive more traffic to your store to attract happy, loyal customers. With over 10,000 Shopify apps available, we have curated ten essential apps just for you to integrate into your strategy to boost sales: 1.Increase Your AOV With Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC Enhance your AOV and deliver exceptional shopping experiences with Cross-sell & Upsell by SSC. It is a powerful Shopify app designed to revolutionize sales strategy by optimizing cross-selling and upselling techniques. The app helps users to drive sales by tailoring Cross Sells, Upsells, & Bundles in 8 strategic locations on their website: Product Page, Cart Types, Pop-Ups, Post-purchase Page, Bundle Discounts, Home Page, Collections Page, and Checkout Page. Here’s how you can boost your conversions with it: Personalized Product Recommendations: Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC uses your customers' data and purchase history to suggest other products they’ll love, encouraging them to make upgraded purchases. Smart Upsell Funnels: Create customized upsell and cross-sell funnels based on product or cart value. This ensures that you’re making the right offer at the perfect time, increasing the average order value while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Enhanced Shopping Experience: Offering products that genuinely complement your customers' original purchases not only boosts your average order value but also makes your customers even more satisfied and loyal. Try to picture this: Alex is on your website, and he is about to check out with the basic laptop. Then, a pop-up notification comes about, telling him that he deserves a better computer. It shows the premium version of the same laptop with a better configuration, battery life, and other features for a little more money. Of course, Alex will be more likely to purchase the premium one. It’s a win-win solution: he is happy, and your AOV increases. Using Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC can transform your upselling strategy, helping you maximize every customer interaction and drive higher sales and conversions. Interested? Download Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC today! 2. Drive Repeat Purchases With Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting Attracting new customers is just the beginning; ensuring they return is crucial to your store’s success. That's where Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM steps in. Ako Marketing’s Loyalty Program helps you drive repeat purchases and boost customer retention with features like VIP Tiers, points programs, Referrals, Signups, Reviews, Birthdays, and 1-Click Social Login. These features not only enhance customer satisfaction but also significantly boost your sales and conversions. Here’s how our app can help you boost sales and conversions: Encourage Repeat Purchases: Implementing a point-based reward system motivates your customers to make repeat purchases as they accumulate points over time. They can redeem these points for discounts, free products, or exclusives, which not only boosts your sales but keeps your customers engaged and coming back. Make Customers Feel Special: Sending personalized birthday offers shows your customers that you value and appreciate them, prompting celebratory purchases. This thoughtful gesture creates a positive emotional connection with your brand, encouraging them to shop with you again. Attract and Convert New Customers: Offering rewards for signups can capture potential customers who might otherwise leave without making a purchase. These sign-up incentives provide immediate value, converting new visitors into loyal customers from the start. Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM understands the challenges of maintaining customer loyalty in a competitive market. By integrating our loyalty program, you incentivize repeat purchases and build a community of dedicated customers who feel valued and connected to your brand. With features designed to enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales, our app provides the tools you need to create lasting relationships with your customers. Remember, your brand isn't just a logo or tagline—it's all about the trust and relationships you build with your customers. Download Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM today and create customer loyalty with VIP Tiers, points programs, referrals, and more to drive repeat purchases! 3.Build Trust and Credibility With It takes more than great products and a perfect site for a Shopify store to stand out. Customers need to feel a sense of genuineness, trust, and confidence in the service or product they are about to purchase. helps Shopify store owners gather, manage, and showcase customer reviews, leveraging the power of social proof to enhance credibility and drive conversions. By integrating, customers can leave feedback, ratings, and even photos or videos of their purchases, providing potential buyers with authentic insights into your products. Here’s how can help your store: Build Trust and Credibility: Positive reviews are like gold—they show potential customers that your products are reliable and high-quality. Real feedback from happy customers builds trust, making new visitors feel more confident about making a purchase. Improve SEO Rankings: Reviews often include relevant keywords, which can boost your site’s search engine rankings. Plus, regularly updated reviews provide fresh content that search engines love, helping to draw more organic traffic to your store. Increase Conversion Rates: Detailed reviews and high ratings can ease the minds of new customers, making them more likely to buy. When potential buyers see that others have had great experiences, they feel more assured and are more likely to convert. seamlessly integrates with the Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM app, making it super easy for you to showcase customer feedback and boost your store’s credibility. For example, LINE Friends in Taiwan used to collect and display reviews for their character merchandise. By featuring real customer experiences, they built trust and saw a significant increase in conversion rates. You, too, can also create your own success story, turning positive feedback into a powerful marketing tool that attracts and retains customers. Integrate into your Shopify store and start leveraging the power of authentic product reviews today with a 45-day free trial of the Awesome plan! 4.Drive Higher Website Traffic With SEOAnt If you’re looking to boost your Shopify store popularity in the search engine, give SEOAnt a try! This all-in-one tool makes it easy for you to manage and enhance your SEO efforts, ensuring better rankings and increased visibility. With SEOAnt, your store will appear right when potential customers are searching. It helps you refine your site’s content and structure, significantly improving your position on search engine results pages. Here’s how SEOAnt can help drive your traffic and increase conversions: Full SEO Audit: SEOAnt thoroughly reviews your website to identify and fix issues that might hurt your search rankings. This includes optimizing meta tags, using the right keywords, fixing broken links, and improving site speed. In this way, your website is fully optimized for search engines, which helps attract more organic traffic. Markup and Rich Snippets: SEOAnt helps you add schema markup to your website, making your product listings stand out in search results. Rich snippets provide additional information about your products directly in the search results, which can increase your click-through rate and attract more potential customers to your site. Keyword Tracking and Suggestions: SEOAnt tracks your keyword rankings and suggests new, relevant keywords to target. By optimizing your content with these keywords, you can stay ahead of the competition and attract more organic traffic. To maximize your SEO efforts and boost sales, here are some strategies you can try. Start by regularly updating your content with fresh, relevant posts and product descriptions to keep your site dynamic and appealing to search engines. Don't forget to optimize your images—make sure they have descriptive file names and alt text to improve your rankings. Plus, did you know that you can keep an eye on your competitors’ SEO strategies? SEOAnt can help you identify the keywords they are targeting and find opportunities for you to outrank them! SEOAnt can help you attract organic traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and drive higher sales and conversions. Interested? Download SEOAnt today! 5.Improve Engagement With Sauce: Instagram, TikTok & UGC As social media platforms take more significant shares of our lives daily, effective engagement with the audience is becoming more critical. Sauce: Instagram, TikTok & UGC can help you increase your e-commerce presence, drive new sales, and embed real-life customers' photos, videos, reviews, and posts in your marketing. Sauce can seamlessly incorporate Instagram Shopping to connect with customers and influencers to expand your reach. This way, you can enhance your brand credibility while building trust and community on your platform! Here is how Sauce can help you increase customer engagement: Shoppable Galleries and Social Media Integration: Sauce can help you create shoppable galleries and integrate with social media easily. With Sauce, it's possible to create Instagrammable galleries that mesh perfectly with Instagram and TikTok. Turn your social media content into an interactive shopping experience! Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with social influencers to increase your brand reach and awareness simultaneously. Sauce helps you manage influencer partnerships, track performance, and ensure your campaigns are effective. By tapping influencers’ audiences, you can attract new customers and increase sales. Video Commerce: Engage your customers with immersive video content through Sauce TV. This feature allows you to create Netflix-style shoppable videos that educate, entertain, and inspire your audience. Video commerce enhances the shopping experience, increases time spent on your site, and drives higher conversion rates. Sauce can elevate your e-commerce game with authentic user-generated content, strategic influencer partnerships, and immersive video commerce. Try Sauce today and increase your sales! 6.Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs With PageFly Landing Page Builder Creating a high-converting landing page for your marketing objectives without needing any coding skills is now possible with PageFly. It’s a tool that guides Shopify store owners in building custom, high-performance pages. Creating high-converting landing pages isn’t just about lowering customer acquisition costs and maximizing the value of your campaigns. It’s also about crafting a better experience for the people who matter the most—your users. Here’s how PageFly can help you enhance you to acquire more customers: Enhanced User Experience: PageFly's intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes the page creation process both visually pleasing and easy to navigate. By ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience, users are more likely to spend extra time on your website, exploring more products, which can lead to better conversions. More Engagement: With many element choices, you can add interactive features such as countdown timers, videos, or an image gallery. These elements catch the attention of the visitor and push them into engagement, which keeps the interaction level higher and ultimately gets them converted into sales. Higher Trust and Credibility: Using professionally designed templates and customizable sections, you can create polished and professional-looking pages. A well-designed store builds trust with visitors, making them more likely to convert into paying customers. Pro Tip: When creating a high-converting landing page, keep things simple and user-friendly. Focus on a clean design with a clear visual hierarchy so your CTA buttons stand out. Simplify your navigation and make sure your page looks great on mobile devices. Speed matters too—compress images and use a content delivery network to improve loading times. By making the user experience seamless, you'll keep visitors engaged and boost your conversion rates. A smooth, intuitive page makes all the difference in turning visitors into loyal customers. Ready to boost your sales and create stunning landing pages effortlessly? Download PageFly today and start building high-converting, custom pages for your Shopify store without any coding skills! 7.Retain More Customers With ZipChat Proactive AI Chatbox As more Shopify stores are emerging, customer retention is key to sustained success. ZipChat is designed to help you achieve that! This innovative tool engages visitors 24/7 in real-time, providing instant support and personalized assistance to keep them on your site longer and encourage repeat business. With their multilingual support, you can handle multiple languages seamlessly, ensuring a global customer base. Discover how ZipChat can transform your customer interactions and boost retention rates: Real-Time Engagement: ZipChat immediately engages with visitors when they land on your site, answering their questions and providing assistance. This reduces bounce rates and keeps potential customers interested and engaged, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Automated Upselling and Cross-Selling: ZipChat suggests additional products that complement the items customers are interested in or have added to their carts. By doing so, it encourages customers to purchase more, increasing the average order value. Gathering Customer Insights: ZipChat collects data on customer interactions, preferences, and pain points. This information is invaluable for refining your marketing strategies, personalizing future interactions, improving the overall customer experience, and boosting conversion rates. Try ZipChat free trial today and see firsthand how this powerful AI chatbot can transform your customer engagement and drive higher sales and conversions! 8.Streamline Your Checkout Process With Qikify Checkout Customizer The Shopify market is getting more competitive, a seamless checkout process can be the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned cart. Qikify’s Checkout Customizer addresses common pain points by offering flexibility and customization, meeting the demand for a quick, intuitive, and hassle-free shopping experience. If your checkout is time-consuming, you risk losing potential sales. With Qikify, you can create a visually appealing checkout that aligns with their brand identity. Here’s how Qikify can help boost your sales and conversions: Creating a Sense of Urgency: To further boost conversions, Qikify uses cart animations and urgency messages to create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to complete their purchases quickly. Social proof elements, such as customer reviews and ratings, build trust and credibility, influencing new visitors to make a purchase. Personalized Product Recommendations: Qikify will analyze your customers’ browsing behavior and past purchases, helping to increase average order values by promoting items relevant to each customer. This tailored approach not only enhances the shopping experience but also encourages upselling and cross-selling. Streamline Purchasing Process: By integrating quick view and quick buy options, Qikify streamlines the purchasing process, allowing customers to make informed decisions without leaving their current page. This convenience not only speeds up the buying process but also reduces cart abandonment rates. According to the Baymard Institute, a well-optimized checkout process can reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 35%, significantly boosting your sales and conversion rates. Try Qikify today and turn every potential sale into a loyal customer! 9.Drive Organic Traffic With UpPromote When it comes to affiliate marketing, UpPromote is your go-to solution! With UpPromote, you can effortlessly set up and manage your affiliate programs to boost sales and conversions through powerful affiliate partnerships. Your affiliates will share your content, helping it go viral and bringing more organic traffic to your store. Plus, those increased social media shares and engagement will enhance your visibility and attract a wider audience. Here’s how UpPromote can help you drive sales: Expanding Your Reach: When your affiliates share your products, they’re introducing your brand to new potential customers in a way that feels personal and trustworthy. This not only increases your brand's visibility but also brings more traffic and sales to your store. Targeted Marketing: Your affiliates have niche audiences that align perfectly with your target market. This means your promotions reach people who are already interested in what you offer. For instance, if you sell eco-friendly home products, teaming up with influencers who focus on sustainable living will drive high-quality traffic to your store. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: When affiliates rave about your products, it creates powerful word-of-mouth marketing. People trust recommendations from those they know or follow, making them feel more confident in their purchase decisions. This kind of authentic feedback can significantly boost your sales. UpPromote provides everything you need to get started: flexible commission options, automated coupons, and affiliate links. Their top-tier experts can also recommend solutions to boost customer loyalty and build a robust referral and rewards program, incentivizing customer collaborations. It’s that simple: they promote, customers buy, you earn! Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with UpPromote today! With UpPromote, you can easily recruit and manage affiliates, track performance, and automate commission payments. 10.Prevent Loss of Sales With Notify! Back in Stock | Pre-Order Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than finding the perfect product to discover it's out of stock. This not only disappoints potential buyers but also results in lost sales and reduced customer satisfaction. Notify! Back in Stock offers a seamless solution by allowing customers to pre-order out-of-stock items and receive notifications when products are back in stock. You can easily add "Notify me" or “PreOrder” widgets to your product, home, and collection pages. The app also sends automatic notifications via email, text, or push, ensuring customers stay informed and engaged. Here’s how Notify! Back in Stock can help your store: Capture Lost Sales: By allowing customers to sign up for back-in-stock alerts, you capture the interest of customers even when products are out of stock. This keeps them engaged rather than losing them to competitors, potentially recovering sales that would otherwise be lost. Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty: Offering the option to pre-order with partial payments makes your store more accommodating and customer-friendly. This flexibility can enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. Enhance Customer Experience: Customizable notifications via email, text, or ensure that your marketing messages are consistent with your brand. This personalized approach can improve the customer experience, making shoppers feel valued and increasing the likelihood of conversions. Download Notify! Back in Stock today and start transforming potential losses into revenues! Conclusion Boosting sales and conversions is crucial for Shopify store owners aiming for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. By leveraging the right tools and strategies, you can significantly improve your store’s performance. Try these apps today to elevate your store’s sales and conversion rates in 2024! Stay ahead of the competition by continuously optimizing your approach and adapting to emerging trends in the e-commerce world. About Akohub:Akohub provides an all-in-one Shopify loyalty retargeting app - Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting, to foster the growth of Shopify stores. The Ako Loyalty Program enhances customer retention with VIP Tiers and various points-earning opportunities like Referrals, Signups, Reviews, Birthdays, and 1-Click Social Login. Key features include seamless points redemption at checkout, Instagram Automation for shoppable messages, a CRM Dashboard for deeper insights, and the Ako Marketing Funnel to boost retargeting conversions while reducing ad costs. Feel free to try it from the Shopify App Store!
Boost Your Sales with Loyalty Programs and Retargeting: A Guide to Amplifying Word-of-Mouth
Imagine turning every potential customer into a loyal advocate for your brand. Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing is incredibly powerful, a recent Nielsen study found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over any other form of advertising. Word of mouth marketing uses genuine recommendations from satisfied customers to promote products or services. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies as it inspires trust and authenticity. When was the last time you bought something without checking reviews or asking for recommendations? It's probably been a while. So, how can companies leverage this strategy? Creating strategies that promote and encourage word of mouth can significantly increase a brand’s reputation and customer base. In this blog we’ll explore how integrating loyalty programs, retargeting and reviews can help you to boost sales and create customer loyalty. How to Incentivize Reviews with Loyalty Programs Customer reviews generate social proof for your brand and significantly enhance your word-of-mouth credibility. Customers who leave reviews are often your most loyal advocates, and new customers rely even more on their experiences when deciding whether to trust your brand and make a purchase.Using Loyalty programs to incentivize and encourage customers to leave reviews is a smart strategy. You can show them the points they could earn and the rewards they could accumulate by writing a review. This not only motivates customers to share their experiences but also enhances their engagement with your loyalty program. Imagine a potential customer walks into your online store and browses a set of running shoes but leaves without making a purchase. Later, while searching for their favorite news site, they see an ad for the particular running shoe they viewed on your website, completed by another satisfied customer with an impressive 5 stars review. This ad serves as a reminder of their interest in the product and uses social proof to encourage them to return and complete their purchase. Incorporating customer reviews into your retargeting campaigns can increase the credibility of your ads. When potential customers see positive reviews from real users, they are more likely to trust your brand and consider making a purchase. Including excerpts from 5 stars review content in your ads can instantly create a sense of trust and authenticity. Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting Program seamlessly integrates with, creating a powerful partnership that incentivizes customer reviews. This integration not only encourages valuable feedback but also strengthens customer loyalty by rewarding their engagement. By setting up a product review loyalty campaign through the Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting app, customers can earn X points for leaving a review, which they can then use towards their next purchase. This approach motivates customers to share their experiences and enhances their connection with your brand. Benefits of Integrating Loyalty Programs and Retargeting Combining loyalty programs with retargeting strategies can provide a strong marketing strategy to engage customers, enhance brand advocacy, and provide repeat purchases. By maintaining customer engagement and having incentives to return, companies can build customer loyalty and increase word-of-mouth marketing. Here are some key benefits of combining these powerful tools: Increase Customer Engagement: Combining loyalty programs with retargeting keeps customers engaged with your brand by continuously offering them reasons to return. Engagement metrics often show that customers who are part of loyalty programs are more likely to interact with retargeting ads. Boost Brand Advocacy: Satisfied customers become brand advocates, and spread positive word of mouth. Increased Conversions: Retargeting with social proof increases the chances of converting potential customers. Increase Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases: Rewarding customers for their engagement leads to long-term loyalty and repeat purchases. When customers feel valued and see tangible benefits from their interactions with your brand, they are more likely to remain loyal and make repeat purchases. Loyalty programs that offer points or rewards for repeated engagement and purchases can significantly boost repeat business. Conclusion Integrating retargeting and reviews into your loyalty program you can dramatically enhance your word of mouth marketing efforts. By encouraging and leveraging analytics in retargeting campaigns, you create powerful presentations that engage customers, generate brand advocacy growth, and increase repeat purchases. Start using these strategies today and watch your brand grow through the power of word of mouth.
How to Boost Customer Spending with Loyalty Programs?
Many successful online stores and businesses underestimate the value of a loyalty program, believing that their existing popularity will sustain them. However, this belief is often disproved, as loyalty programs are known to increase revenue by 15% to 25%. Why does this happen? Because greater customer engagement often results in higher spending. To back this up, the Pareto principle points out that about 80% of your profit typically comes from just 20% of your customers. This shows that repeat customers tend to spend more, which can greatly increase your earnings. That's why U.S. companies spend over $2 billion yearly on customer loyalty programs. The important question is: What type of experience should we create to encourage increased spending? This article will discuss how identifying the right customers, building emotional connections, using Instagram DM automation, and offering VIP-tiered memberships can significantly boost customer spending and increase repeat purchases. Table of Contents: Finding the Right Customer: Explore the significance of loyalty programs in enhancing customer retention and increasing sales. Building Strong Emotional Connections: Learn how the emotional aspect of customer loyalty can strengthen the bond between customers and the brand. Personalization With Retargeting & Gamification: Understand the importance of personalization in creating unique customer experiences and discuss strategies like retargeting and gamification to enhance engagement. Streamlining Sales With Instagram DM Automation: This section details how automated messaging can enhance customer interactions, reduce friction in the buying process, and increase sales. VIP Tiers Membership: Learn how tiered rewards can motivate customers to spend more, the psychological impact of such programs, and examples of successful VIP membership strategies. 1. Finding the Right Customer Loyalty programs have long been a strategy to enhance customer retention and increase sales. By creating a deeper connection with customers, these programs reward repeat purchases and provide valuable insights into consumer purchasing patterns. We can learn from a study done by Harvard University in 2021 that looks closely at the shopping habits of 10,000 customers from a well-known U.S. retailer. Generally, a loyalty program has 2 customer segments: consolidators and upgraders. Consolidators refer to customers who start buying more products from the retailer, possibly products they used to buy from other stores. On the flip side, upgraders are customers who didn’t increase the number of products they bought but began upgrading or purchasing premium versions of the products they have been buying. These customer types are highly profitable, with the loyalty program boosting their spending by about 50%. How can you enhance customer insights? Getting a handle on what makes your customer’s return is all about diving into the data with a good CRM dashboard. With the data provided, you can start by breaking down your customer base into different groups based on what they buy, how often they shop, and their overall engagement. You can analyze by looking at the metrics, such as the number of impressions, CPM, CPC, viewed products and added to carts. This lets you spot your true customers and determine who might need a nudge to become one. If you notice some trends, like a surge in interest in certain products at certain times, you can plan better, stock up, or tailor your promotions. To do this, you can use Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting CRM Dashboard to analyze and segment your customers. 2. Building Strong Emotional Connections At the end of the day, customers make purchasing decisions based on their heart. When customers feel a strong bond with your brand, they're more likely to pick it over competitors. A loyalty program that delivers engaging and personalized experiences can strengthen your customers’ emotional bond. Personalization plays a crucial role. Creating customized messages and rewards can make them feel special. This can help strengthen the emotional connection and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. Incorporating a review platform like into your strategy can further amplify this bond. Reviews are a powerful medium for customers to express their feelings and experiences. By encouraging customers to leave reviews and actively responding to them, you can show that you value their feedback and are committed to meeting their expectations. This two-way communication improves your offerings, builds trust and reinforces the emotional connection, making your customers feel even more connected and loyal to your brand. 3. Personalization with Retargeting & Gamification With the rising numbers of Shopify stores, the ability to offer personalized experiences has become a crucial strategy for standing out. It's all about knowing what your customers want and giving them a tailored experience that feels just right. Combining personalization, retargeting and gamification can make customers feel like they're getting a one-of-a-kind experience. One way of making them feel valued is by showing that you remember their birthday. In Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting, you can customize a birthday celebration email with special rewards to make them feel more valued! It's a personal touch that makes them feel appreciated. In fact, studies show that targeted email marketing can boost consumer spending by 138%. What’s more, you can also integrate Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform that automates eCommerce SMS and email marketing. Source: Klaviyo With the data you just gathered, you can take your marketing efforts further through retargeting! Retargeting is all about giving customers a little nudge to remind them of what they’ve been missing out on. For example, you can consider a customer who purchases cooking equipment and regularly reads cooking articles on your site. You could leverage this insight to offer them personalized discounts on a broader range of cooking supplies. Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting features make this process more efficient and effective. You can segment your Shopify customers based on their shopping behaviour and create targeted ad campaigns. This allows you to deliver personalized ads that are more likely to resonate with individual customers, increasing the chances of conversion. Enhancing the loyalty program with gamification can also add an exciting dimension. Integrating game-like elements such as badges, challenges, and point-collecting rewards makes the program fun and engaging. Customers can earn badges for different achievements, like frequent purchases. Challenges can be seasonal or based on individual shopping behaviors. Customers can unlock exclusive deals or gain access to VIP services as they accumulate points. 4. Streamlining Sales With Instagram DM Automation Instagram is a prime spot for brands looking to grow their reach and improve their sales. With over a billion people using the app, it’s a great place for businesses to connect with their audience. One of the best tools they can use is Direct Message (DM) automation, which helps make chatting with customers straightforward and effective. You can also use Ako Marketing: Retargeting & Loyalty Instagram DM Automation feature to streamline sales directly through Instagram. This tool lets you sell directly and convert every Instagram comment into orders. Simply select a keyword for customers to comment on, and automatically send a personalized DM message 24/7 to your customers who leave the comment. By allowing customers to comment with a keyword to initiate a purchase simply, you reduce the friction in the buying process, potentially leading to increased sales. Not only can you save your ad costs, but you also get to drive higher reach and engagement with your customers! 5. VIP Tiers Membership To keep your VIP customers coming back, you've got to make it worth their while. VIP Memberships reward your customers with perks. Tiered programs offering higher rewards and unique names can motivate customers to spend more to unlock greater benefits. Typically, this program will use point systems, where customers can earn discounts or coupons. But it’s not just about tangible goods; VIP programs are stepping it up by offering exclusive experiences. Perhaps one way of achieving this doesn’t always have to be through monetary value. It could be sharing your product, following your social media accounts, or writing a review to earn points. It’s a win-win solution - you get brand exposure, while customers get free money. By structuring different tiers offering attractive benefits as customers climb the ranks, you can motivate them to increase their average order value. This model taps into a powerful psychological principle: the more customers invest in a brand, the more they want to maximize their return on investment. CorePower Yoga’s Member Program encourages customers to spend more with their powerful message: “The more you spend, the more you save.” It’s not just a catchy phrase but a powerful incentive. For customers, this reduces the cost per class and saves much money through a flat annual rate. Members enjoy unlimited access to classes and complimentary yoga workshops. The added value of maintaining a consistent exercise regimen and the tangible benefits of such a program encourage them to spend more! Ako Marketing: Retargeting & Loyalty lets you easily establish a VIP tier membership, encouraging customers to return frequently and make repeat purchases. Give them compelling reasons to spend, share, and celebrate your brand. Loyalty programs can be both fun and rewarding! Customize your program to reflect your brand’s unique style and values, whether through the user interface or the specific rewards and membership tiers you provide. Conclusion It's clear that loyalty programs are effective at boosting customer spending, but their success hinges on your target audience. Building a strong emotional connection is key through personalized tactics like birthday emails, exclusive deals, and special coupons for loyal customers. VIP Tier Memberships further enhance this strategy by offering substantial incentives for customers to make repeat purchases. If you're looking to boost customer retention and enhance brand loyalty, consider how a well-crafted loyalty program can play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. To take your efforts further, try Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting today! Designed explicitly for Shopify store owners, our app helps merchants implement a loyalty program that truly resonates with customers and drives business goals. Give Ako Marketing: Loyalty & Retargeting a try today with a 14-day free trial! About Akohub: Akohub provides an all-in-one Shopify loyalty retargeting app - Ako Marketing, to foster the growth of Shopify stores. The Ako Loyalty Program enhances customer retention with VIP Tiers and various points-earning opportunities like Referrals, Signups, Reviews, Birthdays, and 1-click Social Login. Key features include seamless points redemption at checkout, Instagram Automation for shoppable messages, a CRM Dashboard for deeper insights, and the Ako Marketing Funnel to boost retargeting conversions while reducing ad costs. Feel free to try it from the Shopify App Store!
Announcing a Dynamic New Partnership: Ako Marketing & Cross Sell & Upsell Teams Up
At Ako Marketing, we are excited to announce our partnership with Cross Sell & Upsell. This collaboration brings together two powerful tools designed to maximize your Shopify store’s potential. Transform Your Sales Strategy with Cross Sell & Upsell Cross Sell & Upsell is a powerful Shopify app designed to elevate your sales through optimized cross selling and upselling strategies. With personalized recommendations and bundle suggestions, this app boosts your Average Order Value (AOV) and enhances customer satisfaction. With over 900 positive reviews on Shopify, Cross Sell & Upsell has proven its effectiveness. In 2023 alone, it facilitated 400,000 successful recommendations, generating $9,836,240 USD in revenue for its users. Join the cross sell movement and unlock the full potential of your online store! Explore the Comprehensive Features of Cross Sell & Upsell 8+ Locations to Cross Sell & Upsell: - Product Page: Showcase cross-sells, upsells, and frequently bought together bundles directly on your product pages by assigning unique pairings to your products. - Shopping Cart: Whether you have a Cart Drawer (Mini-Cart) or a Cart Page, display upselling and cross-selling options to your shoppers before they check out. - Pop-ups: Capture your visitors’ attention with strategically timed pop-ups, offering exclusive “add-ons” deals or tempting upsell options. - Checkout Page: Display last-minute recommended options directly on the checkout page, making it convenient for shoppers to consider additional purchases before completing their transactions. - Quantity-Bundles: Offer discounts on the checkout page based on quantity purchases, allowing you to incentivize larger orders. - Post-Purchase Page: Consider offering exclusive post-purchase deals or limited-time promotions to encourage repeat business. - Homepage: Utilize the homepage to subtly implement cross-sell and upsell strategies by featuring curated collections, trending products, or special offers prominently. - Collections Page: Introduce “also bought” suggestions on the collections page, encouraging customers to explore cohesive sets or complementary items within specific categories. Flexible & Simple Product Selection: Cross Sell & Upsell offers flexibility whether you prefer manually selecting products or using the AI-driven auto-suggest feature. Choose products based on sales history, orders, and collections to tailor recommendations to your customers. Comprehensive Control & Customization: Take full control of your sales funnel with the ability to customize cross sells to your preferences. Cross Sell & Upsell integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes, and their team is available to assist with personalized CSS requests to ensure a perfect fit for your store. How to Get Started with Cross Sell & Upsell Ready to enhance your sales strategy? Here’s how to get started with Cross Sell & Upsell: Download the App: Visit the Shopify App Store and download Cross Sell & Upsell. Install and Configure: Follow the simple installation steps to add Cross Sell & Upsell to your store. Assign Cross Sells and Upsells: Use the app’s intuitive interface to assign cross sells and upsells across various locations on your site, leveraging both manual selection and AI-driven suggestions. Customize and Optimize: Take advantage of comprehensive customization options to fine-tune your cross sell and upsell offers, ensuring they resonate with your customers.Watch the tutorial below to see how Cross Sell & Upsell can transform your sales strategy and boost your Shopify store's performance. Cross Sell & Upsell App Overview Take Action Today! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your sales with Cross Sell & Upsell. Download Cross Sell & Upsell today and elevate your Shopify store’s success. Together with Ako Marketing's Loyalty & Retargeting features, these powerful apps promise to amplify your store's performance and elevate your brand to new heights. For further details, feel free to visit Cross Sell & Upsell's Website, check out their Shopify Page, or contact their customer support team via email at Download now and start transforming your sales strategy!
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