Ako Retargeting - The Best 10 Offers and Free Shopify apps for October

Ako Retargeting

We’re grateful to announce that Ako Retargeting is now listed on “The Best 10 Offers and Free Shopify apps for October” by Spendless!

What is Ako Retargeting?

Ako Retargeting helps you get your potential customers back to your website by delivering the most relevant product information to them. With Ako Retargeting, previous visitors will see your ads on their Facebook/ Instagram timeline, mobile news feed, and right column side bar. They will see the products that they have showed interest in while they are visiting your website. Also, there is no need to worry about coding skill. Ako Retargeting is super easy to set up. You can launch your retargeting campaign with only a few clicks, and increases your sales significantly!

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Have you ever heard of Facebook/ Instagram retargeting ads? If you want to set it up for your own Shopify store, try Ako Retargeting to get it done automatically!

Ako Retargeting on Shopify: http://bit.ly/me-iJQk

Contact us: service@akohub.com

Enjoy Ako Retargeting and turn your visitors into customers!

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