We are thrilled to announce that Akohub has partnered with BOGOS. As a powerful tool to create promotion campaigns on your Shopify store, BOGOS is designed to effortlessly convert your customers and drive revenue growth. Merchants can now leverage customized promotions, such as free gifts, product bundles, and volume discounts. This partnership aims to deliver superior value and seamless shopping experiences.

About BOGOS: 

BOGOS is a leading Shopify app known for boosting sales through promotions like Buy X Get Y. It allows customized promotions, provides advanced targeting rules, and includes real-time analytics to help track and optimize sales performance. 

Key features of BOGOS:

  • Hundreds of offers: BOGO, gift with purchase, buy X get Y discounted, product bundles, quantity break
  • Gifts auto-added to cart or displayed in slider
  • Custom rules with specific URLs, locations, customer history, or tags
  • 24/5 support via live chat, email, and video calls

Take Action Today!

Explore how BOGOS and Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM  together can enhance your Shopify store with loyalty programs, retargeting tools, and CRM dashboards to increase sales and customer engagement.

About Akohub:

Akohub is the all-in-one marketing app that empowers Shopify stores with loyalty programs, marketing funnels, and retargeting features. Akohub’s mission is to help businesses thrive by enhancing customer retention, engagement, and sales, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for e-commerce success.

Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM is dedicated to helping e-commerce merchants boost customer repeat purchases and conversions with customizable loyalty retargeting programs. With this partnership, we aim to boost repeat purchases and conversions. For partnerships or further information, please contact: partnerships@akohub.com