At Ako Marketing, we are excited to announce our partnership with Cross Sell & Upsell. This collaboration brings together two powerful tools designed to maximize your Shopify store’s potential.

Transform Your Sales Strategy with Cross Sell & Upsell

Cross Sell & Upsell is a powerful Shopify app designed to elevate your sales through optimized cross selling and upselling strategies. With personalized recommendations and bundle suggestions, this app boosts your Average Order Value (AOV) and enhances customer satisfaction.

With over 900 positive reviews on Shopify, Cross Sell & Upsell has proven its effectiveness. In 2023 alone, it facilitated 400,000 successful recommendations, generating $9,836,240 USD in revenue for its users. Join the cross sell movement and unlock the full potential of your online store!

Explore the Comprehensive Features of Cross Sell & Upsell

  1. 8+ Locations to Cross Sell & Upsell:

   - Product Page: Showcase cross-sells, upsells, and frequently bought together bundles directly on your product pages by assigning unique pairings to your products.

   - Shopping Cart: Whether you have a Cart Drawer (Mini-Cart) or a Cart Page, display upselling and cross-selling options to your shoppers before they check out.

   - Pop-ups: Capture your visitors’ attention with strategically timed pop-ups, offering exclusive “add-ons” deals or tempting upsell options.

   - Checkout Page: Display last-minute recommended options directly on the checkout page, making it convenient for shoppers to consider additional purchases before completing their transactions.

   - Quantity-Bundles: Offer discounts on the checkout page based on quantity purchases, allowing you to incentivize larger orders.

   - Post-Purchase Page: Consider offering exclusive post-purchase deals or limited-time promotions to encourage repeat business.

   - Homepage: Utilize the homepage to subtly implement cross-sell and upsell strategies by featuring curated collections, trending products, or special offers prominently.

   - Collections Page: Introduce “also bought” suggestions on the collections page, encouraging customers to explore cohesive sets or complementary items within specific categories.

  1. Flexible & Simple Product Selection: Cross Sell & Upsell offers flexibility whether you prefer manually selecting products or using the AI-driven auto-suggest feature. Choose products based on sales history, orders, and collections to tailor recommendations to your customers.
  1. Comprehensive Control & Customization: Take full control of your sales funnel with the ability to customize cross sells to your preferences. Cross Sell & Upsell integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes, and their team is available to assist with personalized CSS requests to ensure a perfect fit for your store.

How to Get Started with Cross Sell & Upsell

Ready to enhance your sales strategy? Here’s how to get started with Cross Sell & Upsell:

  1. Download the App: Visit the Shopify App Store and download Cross Sell & Upsell.
  2. Install and Configure: Follow the simple installation steps to add Cross Sell & Upsell to your store.
  3. Assign Cross Sells and Upsells: Use the app’s intuitive interface to assign cross sells and upsells across various locations on your site, leveraging both manual selection and AI-driven suggestions.
  4. Customize and Optimize: Take advantage of comprehensive customization options to fine-tune your cross sell and upsell offers, ensuring they resonate with your customers.

    Watch the tutorial below to see how Cross Sell & Upsell can transform your sales strategy and boost your Shopify store's performance. Cross Sell & Upsell App Overview

Take Action Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your sales with Cross Sell & Upsell. Download Cross Sell & Upsell today and elevate your Shopify store’s success. Together with Ako Marketing's Loyalty & Retargeting features, these powerful apps promise to amplify your store's performance and elevate your brand to new heights.

For further details, feel free to visit Cross Sell & Upsell's Website, check out their Shopify Page, or contact their customer support team via email at Download now and start transforming your sales strategy!