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Boost Mother's Day Sales with Irresistible Loyalty Program Rewards

May 09, 2024

Looking to boost Mother’s Day sales with irresistible loyalty program rewards? You have come to the right place! In this blog, we explore how implementing a compelling loyalty program can retain customers and increase repeat purchases during Mother’s Day. We will outline key ways to create a loyalty program that will delight your customers and elevate their shopping experience.

The Impact and Strategies of Irresistible Loyalty Program Rewards on Mother's Day Sales

According to a National Retail Association study, consumers planned to spend a record $35.7 billion for Mother’s Day in 2023. A well-designed loyalty program can bring a lot of benefits, it goes beyond driving sales. Loyalty programs play a great role in increasing repeat purchases through fostering long-term relationships with customers, enhancing brand loyalty, and ultimately contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Strategies to Boost Mother's Day Sales:

Exclusive Mother's Day Offers: Create special discounts, promotions, or bundles that scale with membership levels—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For example, Bronze members could receive 10% off their purchases, while Silver members enjoy 15% off, and Gold members benefit from an exclusive 20% off. Additionally, offering limited-time bundles such as the one offered by Clinique is a great way to make customers feel valued and special.  

This tiered system not only encourages customers to participate in the event but also motivates them to increase their shopping frequency before Mother’s Day to reach higher membership statuses. Each tier could also have early access to new products or extra points on purchases, ensuring all members feel the exclusivity and appreciation they deserve. To know more about VIP Tiers with Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting app read the full blog here.

Personalized Recommendations: You can use customer data from your loyalty program to provide personalized gift recommendations based on existing purchases and preferences. By tailoring the selection to each customer’s interests, you can enhance their shopping experience and increase the ease of conversion. 
Each Mother's Day, Apple encourages customers to celebrate the occasion by ordering gifts for their mothers and expressing gratitude to those they consider maternal figures. Last year, Apple adopted a more inclusive approach in its messaging, inviting customers to express appreciation to whoever they recognize as a motherly influence. This inclusive messaging is being disseminated across Apple's website, email, and SMS platforms.

Bonus Points: Offer bonus points or rewards for Mother’s Day-related items purchased by loyalty program members. For example, customers can earn double points for Mother’s Day gift purchases or receive a free gift with their purchase.
Boosting points for a specific day with Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting and Shopify Flow is quite simple. Simply install Shopify Flow for free if your Shopify store plan is Shopify, Advanced, or Plus. By leveraging triggers, conditions, and actions—the essential elements of automation—you can streamline your workflow effortlessly. For detailed instructions on linking the Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting app to increase loyalty points during Mother's Day, check out this article.
By incentivizing website visitors to become members with rewards, such as exclusive discounts or bonus points for Mother's Day purchases, you can create a sense of value and urgency. This not only encourages immediate sign-ups but also lays the foundation for long-term loyalty and increased customer lifetime value. Grassphere provides different options to take advantage of this special sale while using Ako Loyalty Program to get points for each dollar spent. 

Early Access to Sales: Give loyalty program members early access to Mother’s Day sales and promotions. This makes them feel special and rewards customer loyalty by encouraging early purchases.

Partner Collaborations: Partner with other businesses to offer joint Mother’s Day promotions or special prizes. For example, to partner with a spa or restaurant to offer special luxury packages for mothers, only available to loyalty program members.
The collaboration between Cath Kidston and Moonpig in the UK serves as an excellent example of two brands coming together for a partnership campaign during Mother's Day in 2022. Through this collaboration, they merged creativity to effectively tap into each other's audiences, expanding their reach and exposure to new potential customers. This strategic alliance enabled them to enhance brand visibility, generate valuable backlinks, and generate excitement surrounding the campaign launch.

Social Media Engagement: Encourage customers to share their Mother’s Day purchases and experiences on social media platforms with a dedicated hashtag. Offer bonus points or rewards to customers who interact with your brand online, further encouraging them to participate in your loyalty program. You can also create a campaign using Akohub’s Instagram DM automation function, which lets you set a specific keyword and customers will receive a discount code. 

Engaging With Your Audience with Klaviyo
Engaging with your audience through personalized email campaigns is a great way to establish a deeper connection and boost engagement. By integrating Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting app with Klaviyo, you can leverage advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities to customize your messages. This allows you to deliver highly relevant content to various audience segments, enhancing the impact and relevance of your communications. Additionally, leveraging Klaviyo's automation tools allows you to create interactive and timely email sequences that captivate your audience and encourage interaction, enhancing the overall customer experience. Moreover, incorporating dynamic content using Klaviyo enables you to deliver visually appealing messages that resonate with your audience, further strengthening your brand's connection with your customers. To learn how to set up your loyalty program go here.

In conclusion, the impact of irresistible loyalty program rewards on Mother's Day sales is undeniable. By offering exclusive discounts, personalized gifts, and special rewards tailored for Mother's Day, businesses can strengthen customer loyalty and drive increased sales. Engaging with your audience through personalized email campaigns and leveraging tools like Ako Marketing: Loyalty and Retargeting and Klaviyo can further enhance the overall customer experience. Implementing irresistible rewards such as exclusive discounts on popular gifts and providing bonus points or cashback during the Mother's Day sales period can significantly boost sales and delight customers. By incorporating these strategies, businesses can elevate their Mother's Day sales through loyalty programs and create a memorable shopping experience for their customers.

About Akohub:

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