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Chatbot is here to help you get through busy hot seasons

October 31, 2017
Black Friday Cyber Monday is around the corner now. Are you well-prepared for your BFCM campaigns?

Recently, customers prefer to interact with shops and brands via instant messaging rather than dialing up the phone. So, during the holiday seasons, you'll receive all kinds of messages from your customers and most of them may be the same. For example:

> "Do you offer free shipping?" > "Do you have this in stock?" > "Is there any discount?" > "Where is my order?" > "Can I return this item?"

You and your customer service will be struggling to cope with all of these questions and may have to work overtime in order to reply to them faster. It turns out that you will be totally exhausted just dealing with the customer problems. Unfortunately, there are still a bunch of things during BFCM waiting for you to complete.

But don't worry. Ako Chatbot is here to help! It could be your best business partner or your most hard-working employee. Let's take a look how it can help with your business.

24/7 online

Imagine that you were visiting an online shop and you suddenly had a question about one of the products, so you sent an instant message to their customer service. And you waited for hours but didn't get any reply. What would you do? Continuing on waiting for reply or visiting another shop for a similar product? I think most customers will choose the latter.

An immediate response is very important. You, as an e-commerce merchant, won't be happy if you lose any customer just because you didn't solve his/her problem in the first place. In this case, the chatbot is a perfect antidote. It creates a win-win situation. As for you, installing a chatbot is a lot cheaper than hiring workers to work for 24/7. As for your customers, there is no more waiting or having a difficult time finding the information they need.

Shopping Personalization

Chatbot can give last-minute holiday shoppers good recommendations.

If a customer has no idea what to buy for his/her kids, he/she could simply talk and interact with the chatbot to get his/her situation solved.

In addition, the chatbot could offer some special deals or discounts to customers. This will definitely encourage potential customers to purchase without looking around elsewhere or holding it for future purchasing.

Tireless Customer Service

Your customer service people will be tired after working several hours without rest and will become more and more impatient while answering lots of similar questions. As a result, they may accidentally give customers an attitude and that will lead to serious customer loss. Therefore, the best solution is saving their energy for other important and flexible work and let Chatbot take care of those similar questions.

Chatbot is an intelligent and professional customer service representative that is never tired and always ready to help your customers with tireless energy and good attitude. This could save your time on customer support by up to 30%!

To sum up, you can view chatbot as a personal shopping assistant for all of your customers. It could solve their shopping problem and answer their questions any time. Most importantly, it's super easy for your customers to use. The only thing they have to do is to send messages to you just like they chat with their friends every day on Facebook Messenger.

It's almost Black Friday Cyber Monday, you have no time to hesitate! Just install [Ako Chatbot](http://bit.ly/ako-bOB) and turn your inquiries into REAL orders.

Get Ako Chatbot on Shopify 👉 https://apps.shopify.com/ako-chatbot

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