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Loyalty Tiers and Targeting Emails: A Dynamic Duo for Retention

January 05, 2024


We all know that staying in touch with your customers is like having a secret sauce for success. And when it comes to loyalty programs, keeping your members in the loop about their progress, perks, and exciting rewards is the key to keeping them engaged and making frequent purchases. After all, who wants to let those hard-earned points just sit there?

You can use Klaviyo and Akohub to help your customers keep track of their progress. Let’s dive into the top 5 emails you should send to your customers using Klaviyo’s email services with Akohub’s loyalty program.

1. Welcome Email

The welcome email is your brand's first impression of your loyalty program. With Klavyo's intuitive features and Akohub's seamless integration, you can create a personalized and engaging welcome email that not only introduces your customers to the perks of your loyalty program but also sets the stage for a positive ongoing relationship.


Source: Klaviyo


2. Loyalty Purchase

Every purchase is a cause for celebration, and the Loyalty Purchase Email transforms each transaction into a memorable experience. This email congratulates customers on their recent purchase, emphasizing the points earned. It goes beyond being a mere receipt, showing the current loyalty points balance, and suggesting next steps to encourage customers to keep engaging with your brand and unlocking more rewards.

Source: Klaviyo

3. Birthday Rewards

Acknowledging a customer's birthday is not just a gesture; it's a personal touch that resonates. The Birthday Rewards Email becomes a delightful surprise. Provide your customers on their special day, exclusive birthday rewards, and remind them of the ongoing benefits within the loyalty program. It's a small yet impactful way to strengthen the emotional connection with your brand.

4. Loyalty Tier Change

Source: Klaviyo

When customers ascend or descend in loyalty tiers, it's an important moment. The Loyalty Tier Change Email, celebrates their achievement or encourages them to reclaim a higher tier. Congratulate them, reiterate the exclusive benefits unlocked, and provide personalized suggestions to maintain or advance their tier status. This email ensures that customers feel recognized and valued for their loyalty.

5. Loyalty and Point Expiration

Managing customer expectations is vital for loyalty program success.Alert customers well in advance about any point expiration, offer redemption suggestions, and highlight the ongoing benefits of staying active. This communication not only prevents frustration but also reinforces the value of their continued engagement.

In conclusion, the dynamic duo of Loyalty Tiers and targeted emails, supported by the seamless integration of Klavyo with Akohub, creates an engaging loyalty program. It's not just about points; it's about weaving a personalized narrative that keeps customers excited, engaged, and loyal to your brand.

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