Akohub today announced its collaboration with MooseDesk, a top-recommended Helpdesk app on Shopify, designed specifically for eCommerce merchants. This partnership aims to improve customer service experiences, leading to happier customers, repeat purchases, and accelerated growth.

About MooseDesk

Moosedesk aims to provide an exceptional customer service experience for your Shopify store. Their comprehensive features are tailored to simplify and enhance customer service management. Businesses can effortlessly manage customer inquiries in a single workspace, providing instant solutions and enabling the measurement of team performance for continuous improvement.

Key Features of MooseDesk:

  • Comprehensive Ticketing System: Manage and resolve all customer inquiries efficiently in one unified platform.
  • Personalized Support: Enhance customer experience with features like customer notes, ticket tags, scheduled sending, and more.
  • Customizable FAQ Pages: Create visually appealing FAQ pages with templates that can be easily customized in terms of layout, fonts, and styles.
  • Self-Service Widget: Customize the self-service widget to include built-in FAQs and a 'Contact Us' option to address common issues promptly.
  • Performance Reports: Gain valuable insights through detailed reports to measure team performance and make informed decisions.

Take Action Today!

Ready to transform your customer service experience? Discover the powerful capabilities of MooseDesk today and elevate your Shopify’s store success. Add MooseDesk and  Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM  to your Shopify strategy and boost your repeated purchases today!

About Akohub

Akohub is the all-in-one marketing app that empowers Shopify stores with loyalty programs, marketing funnels, and retargeting features. Akohub’s mission is to help businesses thrive by enhancing customer retention, engagement, and sales, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for e-commerce success.

Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM is dedicated to helping e-commerce merchants boost customer repeat purchases and conversions with customizable loyalty retargeting programs. With this partnership, we aim to boost repeat purchases and conversions. For partnerships or further information, please contact: partnerships@akohub.com