Starting a retargeting campaign can be very exciting but unfortunately it might give you unrealistic expectation. The fact is that a retargeting tool, is exactly that: a tool. It is not a magical thing that gives you more customers and boosts your revenue sky high. However, when done right, a retargeting campaign can really turn the tables around for you and give you the high numbers more than your expectation!

Design Design Design!

To start your own online store is an investment and many people try to save as much money as possible. However, design is really not something you can be too cheap about. If you are not willing to spend more than $50 on your product image and web design, then I have bad news for you; a 10x ROI won't be a realistic goal. Now, if we're being more serious you could spend up to $500 and that will change the game dramatically. You might think it's too ridiculous to spend that amount of money simply on web design, and you will probably feel like this at the beginning but the click through rates will rocket sky high.

Use Dynamic Product Advertising

Dynamic product ads are by far the most effective form of retargeting. We all know how they work, you browse a certain product and a day later you are confronted with advertisements on other websites about this product. The success rate of the dynamic ads is very high but the trick is to find a good network. AdRoll requires you to have over 2,000 unique visitors a day, for shop owners who just start out, this is a very large amount. For Ako Retargeting you can start from 20 visitors a day, perfect for those who just started their online business and seek to expand fast and steady!

Dynamic ads reach the visitors you hypothetically lost and gets them back for you, 90% of the time it results in a purchase. Now, don't get too fooled by the numbers, dynamic ads alone only get you so far. As mentioned before, you need to choose a good network that suits your store. Secondly, you need to set an appropriate budget to help your dynamic ads reach as much people as possible in a profitable way. Lastly, you need good quality pictures of your products to help the visual of your ads.

Use cross-selling technique

Cross selling is a popular technique used to seduce the existing customer to buy more products related to the item they bought. The customer will be shown a set of usually 3 suggestions that he or she might be interested in. This technique doesn't guarantee extreme sales but has been proven quite effective to get more purchases from one customer. It's another form of retargeting where we retarget the existing customer with different products.

Send triggering e-mails

A great way for marketing automation purposes are trigger e-mails. You could send an automated e-mail to previous website visitors who abandoned their cart in the hopes of getting them back to your online store. Be careful. Trigger e-mails are risky business, rarely do people like getting this kind of "spam" in their inbox. However, when you write up the template of those e-mails with a lot of thought, you could get those extra sales you desire. The worst that you can do is to have a trigger e-mail that doesn't stand out, meaning that it looks like the majority of the e-mails in your spam-folder.

You want prospective customers to be intrigued, triggered if you will. So a unique and memorable e-mail will grasp the attention you seek from your customers. Some useful tips for a good trigger e-mail are to personalize your e-mail, make it short and powerful, and the use of an eye catching image will help wonders (think how Dropbox uses a big blue button in their e-mails for you to click on).

There you go! If you apply all these tricks your retargeting campaign will be unstoppable. Good luck!

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