High cart abandonment rates can indicate that customers are having a bad experience while shopping in your online store, which hurts their satisfaction and your brand’s reputation. Managing cart abandonment is key to increasing conversion rates, improving customer experience, and boosting profitability. A confusing website or a multi-step checkout process can frustrate customers and make them reconsider their purchase. Simplifying the checkout process can encourage more customers to complete their purchases. Once the cart abandonment issues are fixed, you can add retargeting strategies to bring back potential customers. 

Why Do Customers Abandon Their Carts?

Many customers visit online stores, fill their carts with items, and then leave without making a purchase. This is a common issue for e-commerce businesses, with abandonment rates averaging around 70%. Understanding why customers abandon their carts can help you address these issues and improve your conversion rates.

1. Mandatory Account Creation

Mandatory account creation can be a significant barrier for your customers. Many see it as an unnecessary extra step, especially if they only plan on making a one-time purchase. While some stores insist on account creation to retarget customers with emails and boost lead generation, this requirement might drive first-time buyers to look elsewhere.

To help you overcome this challenge, consider implementing a one-click social login, allowing your customers to sign in using their existing social media accounts. This not only simplifies the account creation process but also enhances the user experience by reducing the friction associated with traditional sign-up methods. 

By leveraging Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM app feature, you can still capture valuable customer information for future marketing efforts without imposing the burden of mandatory account creation. 

2. Long or confusing checkout process

A long or confusing checkout process can frustrate your customers and make them reconsider their purchase. Our brains use shortcuts to make quick decisions and save energy, so customers naturally value speed and simplicity when shopping online. 

To help you streamline this process, consider using Qikify Checkout Customizer. Features like auto-fill for addresses and payment information, and guest checkout options, will make things faster and easier for your customers.

By simplifying the checkout process with Qikify, You can enhance the overall shopping experience, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately boost your sales. 

3.No Coupon Code Available

Customers love a good deal, and the absence of a coupon code can be a deal-breaker for some. If a potential customer sees a field for a coupon code and doesn't have one, they might abandon their cart to search for one online and potentially never return. To prevent this, ensure that you offer accessible coupon codes or promotions.

Ako’s Retargeting features can help bring back those customers who have abandoned their carts. By analyzing their behavior and purchase patterns, Ako can send personalized discount codes directly to these customers. For example, if someone leaves items in their cart, Ako can automatically trigger an email or a social media ad reminding them of their abandoned items and offering a special discount to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Analyze your customers' behavior and purchase patterns with the Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM app to create personalized offers for your customers!

4.Extra Costs are Too High

Unexpected costs at checkout are those additional charges that pop up only when you’re ready to finalize your purchase. These can include shipping fees, taxes, or handling costs. Businesses might think it’s a good idea to reveal these costs at the last stage, hoping it leads to a higher initial commitment from customers. But often, it has the opposite effect, causing customers to abandon their carts in frustration.

The key to preventing this issue is transparency and clear communication. Make sure all potential fees are visible from the start. This means displaying shipping costs, taxes, and any handling fees early in the shopping process. Don’t wait until the last minute to reveal them. If it’s not possible to show exact fees right away, provide a clear estimator tool that customers can use early on. This tool should give them a good idea of what the total cost will be, including any additional charges.

5. Lack of Trust Elements

Businesses sometimes focus all their energy on perfecting the product and overlook the importance of these trust signals. While a great product is essential, customers also need to feel confident that their personal and payment information is safe and that they’re dealing with a reputable company. To help your customers feel more secure, you can implement several trust-building elements like security badges, clear return policies, customer reviews, and easily accessible contact information.

For customer reviews, merchants can use Judge.me integrated into the Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM app. This made it easy for customers to share their honest opinions and experiences about your products. Every time they leave a review, they will earn rewards that can be used towards their next purchase. This not only encourages more reviews but also helps build trust among new customers.

Build trust and boost your sales by integrating Judge.me with Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM into your e-commerce platform today!

What is Retargeting?

Have you ever noticed those ads that seem to follow you around the internet? That's retargeting! These ads work by reminding potential customers of the items they left behind, keeping your brand fresh in their minds. You know, the ones that say, “You forgot to check out this item! Here’s a 20% discount code.” 

To achieve that, Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM uses "cookies," which are small pieces of data stored by your web browser that remember the users who visited your website. These cookies help you to track which pages you viewed and what actions you took. With this information, e-commerce marketers can create ads specifically targeting visitors who added products to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase.

Why Does Retargeting Matter? 

Finding customers is a bit like dating. It takes time and multiple interactions to build a connection before you can seal the deal. And that’s how retargeting can help you! Retargeting not only can help you to find customers but it also helps you to connect with lost customers

They Can Increase Your Conversion Rates 

Retargeting works by converting customers who showed interest in your brand into your real customers. It reminds them of what first caught their eye and pushes them to come back to your store and complete their purchase.  It’s all about turning interest into actions that benefit you! 

It Keeps Your Brand in Your Customer’s Mind

When you’re dating someone, it’s important to maintain consistent communication. With retargeting, you get to consistently interact with your customers by gently reminding them of your brand without being too pushy while still being on their radar. 

They Save Your Money

Retargeting saves you money by targeting customers who have already shown interest in your brand. You don’t have to worry about wasting your budget on reaching customers who have a 0 chance of becoming your customers. As long as you precisely segment your customers and use retargeting, you get to deliver relevant ads to them with higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR). 

How Retargeting Can Decrease Cart Abandonment Rate?

We have learned that a high cart abandonment rate is a common problem among Shopify stores. This means that you lost potential revenue. And although it may sound daunting to you, this problem can be fixed with retargeting. Here’s how it can help you:

Giving Special Deals Just For You 

We understand that incentive is what drives our behaviour. This principle can be effectively applied to your retargeting strategies by including a special deal in your retargeting ads, such as discount codes or free shipping. Psychologically, people are more likely to click on an ad if they feel they are getting something exclusive. This creates a sense of urgency, excitement, and exclusivity. For example, try presenting this ad to a customer: "Get back and enjoy free shipping on your order!" This will likely catch their eye and encourage them to return to your store.

Reaching Customers Everywhere

Retargeting ads are going to be everywhere, from your favorite social media sites like Instagram to search engines like Google, and even other websites you visit. With the help of this multi-channel approach, your brand will follow your customers wherever they are on the Internet. This way, while they are, for example, jumping across their Instagram feed, rolling up on Google, or exploring other websites, your retargeting ads will follow them, softly reminding them to finish their purchase.

Understanding Your Customer Behavior

Every click, every visit, and every purchase tells something about your customer. These actions give you clues about what your customers like and what they need. When you understand these clues, you can tailor your offers to make them happier. Use phrases like "just for you" or "we miss you." This personal touch can make all the difference. Here are some examples: 

  • Show customers products based on what they've looked at before: "We thought you might like these items based on your recent visits."
  • Offer discounts on items they've shown interest in: "We noticed you loved our summer collection. Enjoy 20% off on your next summer purchase!"

Tips to Create Retargeting Ads That Work:

Ever wondered why some ads catch your eye while others don’t? The secret lies in how they're made. We know that retargeting ads can be a powerful tool to bring customers back to your site, but creating ads that work takes a bit of skill.

Know Your Audience

Before anything, know your audience. Try to ask yourself: Who are they? What products are they interested in? Use analytics tools to gather insights about your visitors. With Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM, you can easily segment your audience based on their behaviors and interactions with your store.

Write Ad Copies That Grab Attention

Great headlines capture attention. They make ads stand out. They cause people to stop and look. Since people’s attention spans are short, your ad copy must be concise. Say things in plain, clear language without beating around the bush. Most importantly, tell your customers what's in it for them by focusing on benefits, not just features. For example, rather than saying, "Our shoes are made of high-quality material," say, "Feel the comfort with our durable, high-quality shoes."

Captivate Your Audience With Eye-Catching Visuals

Visuals are powerful because they communicate quickly. A great visual can convey emotion and information in a split second. In choosing visuals, the rule of thumb is that it has to adhere to making sure it reflects your brand's identity. Some brands suit bright, fun images; others work well with sleek, minimalist styles. You may also want to try using pictures of a real person, preferably someone from your company. There's research to back this up: users spent more time engaging with content that included photos of real people rather than stock images.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Urgency makes people feel they might miss out. This feeling pushes them to make decisions faster. When customers think they have limited time, they’re more likely to take action. Here are some simple ways to create urgency:

  • Limited-Time Offers: "Hurry, offer ends soon!" or "Only 24 hours left!"
  • Countdown Timers: Add a countdown timer to your website or email. Seeing the time tick down can motivate quick decisions.
  • Scarcity Tactics: Show that items are running out! "Only 3 left in stock!" or "Few spots remaining!" work well.


Managing cart abandonment and implementing effective retargeting strategies are crucial for the success of your Shopify store. To maximize your efforts, consider using Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM. This powerful tool helps you understand your customers' behavior, personalize your offers, and streamline your marketing efforts. By integrating Ako's Loyalty Retargeting CRM into your strategy, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rates, and boost customer loyalty. Start using Ako Loyalty Retargeting CRM  today and watch your sales grow!