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Stop wasting your money on advertising to people who just bought your products!

March 20, 2017
Let's be honest, it happened to all of us. We go to an online store, spot a cute outfit, buy the outfit and after completing the purchase we see an advertisement for that EXACT SAME PRODUCT on our Facebook feed. Honestly, would you consider to buy again when you saw the ad or did you just think: "Stop Wasting Money! I just bought it already!!".

An effective retargeting audience setting is crucial. There is no need to spend money on retargeting ads for people who will not be triggered by them. If someone has already purchased a product from your online store, then the chance of them wanting to buy the same product in the next few days is nihil. If you don't set an effective retargeting audience, you are more likely to spend way more money for nothing.

How can you set your retargeting audience so that you will make the most profit?

The key is excluding people who recently bought your products from retargeting for a certain period, and you'll be able to retarget them again after a certain time frame. That means that if Linda from England just bought a backpack from my website, I will not retarget her for about two weeks; she will not see any ads of the backpack appearing on her Facebook feed for that period. After two weeks have passed, you can start retargeting Linda again. This is the mechanism that Ako Retargeting uses.

If you want to see the best result of your retargeting campaign then keep this in the back of your mind. You will be left with more money to spend on retargeting ads that are actually effective and most important of all, a happier audience.

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