Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller 

This very famous quote by Helen Keller celebrates the power of collaboration. With that in mind,  we would like to announce the partnership between Tagshop and Akohub, a Shopify app focused on the loyalty program. 

This partnership will bring Shopify store owners a powerful combination of tools to double their customers. Tagshop is a UGC platform and Akohub being a loyalty program-based Shopify app can help the business create an action-driven community. 

What is Tagshop? 

Tagshop is an all-in-one shoppable and visual UGC platform especially curated for e-commerce brands and online stores. This platform helps online store owners and e-commerce brands harness their UGC by tagging the products and making them shoppable UGC galleries

Tagshop curates AI-powered UGC galleries and seamlessly integrates with the e-commerce landing pages. Using Tagshop, businesses can also aggregate their user-generated content like visual reviews from different social media platforms. Apart from that, users can also avail the offers like AI- product tagging, which enables automated recommendations for product tagging. 

Tagshop has helped brands like Reina Olga and Eureka Streets to drive 3X conversion and enabled them to own a community that creates compelling content for them. 

Key Features of Tagshop: 

Take a look at the features of Tagshop. 

  • Collect social media content from more than 10 platforms, including Instagram, Google Reviews, and YouTube. 
  • Check out the Shop On Bio feature that enables users to redirect social visitors to the page where they can make the purchase. 
  • Utilize all forms of User-generated content like images, videos, textual and visual content, and curate shoppable galleries. 
  • Leverage the SnapUp feature to collect the customers’ UGC via QR code. 

What is Akohub? 

Akohub is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify users run loyalty programs, marketing funnels, and retargeting features. The Akohub Loyalty Program boosts customer retention with VIP tiers and various ways and occasions to earn points, like referrals, Sign-ups, Reviews, Birthdays, etc.

Key Features of Akohub: 

  • Loyalty Programs to redeem points with just one click to the cart page and receive the award. 
  • Get deeper insight into your customers' minds. Discover the most loyal customers and how to retarget them.
  • Promote Instagram Reels by sending special coupons to those who comment on the posts. 

How Will Users Benefit From This Partnership?

Tagshop and Akohub’s collaboration will be a lucky break for Shopify Store owners. As mentioned previously, Akohub is a Shopify app focused on loyalty programs. This will help the brands receive as much UGC they need and reward the creators as well. 

Boost Loyalty with UGC SnapUp

Highlighting loyalty using user-generated content not just showcases user engagement but also demonstrates that the brands appreciate their input. Using the Snap Up feature by Tagshop, brands can retrieve UGC and reward the creators. 

Active Participation

When a customer shares UGC for a brand, whether it is in the form of pictures, videos, or textual format, they feel a sense of involvement and connection with the brand. This active participation fosters a sense of ownership among the creators and customers and enables brand loyalty. 

Reward UGC Contributions

Incentivizing the submission of UGC with points and rewards using Akohub encourages more customers to engage with your brand. 

Offer points or rewards for submitting reviews, photos, videos, or participating in contests.

Feature UGC

By showcasing UGC on the website, social media or loyalty program app, you provide social proof to potential customers. Featuring customer content not only amplifies the reach of your customer's voice but also creates a community-driven environment. Giving credit to the creators and expressing appreciation further reinforces the bond between the brand and customers. 


This partnership between Tagshop and Akohub will revolutionize the way customers engage with their favorite brands. E-commerce can now optimize their UGC collection process, reward their creators, and keep them coming back. We are excited to see the content that comes in way for brands after this collaboration.