The e-commerce industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Cellphones and 24X7 internet access have only made it easier. Online shopping has become a commonly preferred activity, whether it is children, older people or the hip millennial consumers. Recent statistics say that global e-commerce sales will increase to 16% of all sales in 2020; which is an increase of 19%.

As a consumer, it is so much easier to find a product from the comfort of your couch and have it delivered to your doorstep the very next day! While, as a seller, the times have also changed, enabling them to operate their businesses on the cloud and sell online without a brick and mortar store.

Good news for e-commerce sellers is that, with Shopify, you can quickly sell online without a lot of hassles involved. If you want to build an e-commerce website the easier way, you need to incorporate add-ons to your website, which often can be much more than what the original setup offers. Additional apps often improve your revenue by increasing store product sales, rewards for your customers, and inventory and shipping operations.

While choosing from multiple apps can get confusing, here is a list of the **10 best marketing apps** for your e-commerce store.

1. Sales Pop Master- Countdown by Autoketing

Sales Pop Master-Sales Popup aims to help you **overcome low conversion rates** by increasing the number add-to-cart and increasing the payment rate using the Sales Pop context menu. It also has the following features-

Display contextual sales notification

You can see recent sale notifications in on the store and use the data to improve customer ordering decisions.

Popular selling as social proof

You can Respond to customer purchasing needs in an automated social certification popup window. It allows you to identify trends and develop sales strategies.

2. Ako Facebook Retargeting Ads by Akohub

Potential customers visit your website every day, they carefully look at your products but sometimes they just leave without registering. When this happens, you know you lost an interested buyer who spent time looking at your products. They have an interest in what you offer, but now they’re gone. Wouldn’t you like a second chance to convert them into a sale? Akohub helps you turn visitors into real-time customers.

This app segments your potential customers into groups by building full-funnel retargeting campaigns and retarget them step by step. So, you won’t lose any person and any sales!

There are a couple more advantages any **Shopify seller** gets with this app:

Support for multiple campaigns

With Ako Retargeting you can create multiple retargeting campaigns with different product sets, Ad formats and Ad placements to maximize your ROI. As well as, create various combinations of different products, Ad formats, and Ad placements to do A/B testing and maximize your ROAS.

This app can easily attract your customers and dramatically improve your ad performance by utilizing different ad formats (carousel and collection/canvas).

Retarget the best technology — Sequential retargeting

The app applies the best practices when it comes to technology. With the sequential retargeting you can deliver different ad creatives to your audiences within different time frames after visiting your website. You can also customize your audience to increase the ROI on your site.

Full-Funnel Retargeting Strategy

Ako Retargeting offers three kinds of campaigns, engager retargeting ad, website visitors retargeting ad, and dynamic product ad. These three campaigns segment potential customers into groups, based on how they engaged with your brand and their previous behavior on your site, and retarget them with different content. With all three campaigns, you can re-engage with and retarget all of your potential customers. You can target people interested in product offerings similar to yours, and use different ad formats and placements to bring variation to the audience.

3. Akohub Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Ako Chatbot supports 24/7 customer service for you and delivers the exclusive sales promotion to your customers. The Messenger directs potential customers and displays FAQs about payment, shipping, returns, and shipping information. As a result, your customers don’t have to wait for hours for a response their satisfaction increases while your workload reduces. This app not only supports FAQ menus with various response types but also different languages. Setting up this app is as simple as setting up a Shopify collection.

Akohub Messenger Chatbot offers the following perks :

Limited promotions

You can use carousel messages to offer prospects, exclusive product promotions and replace them with the buyers. It provides a fast and easy way to let customers browse and buy your products using Facebook Messenger.

Shorten support time

Reduce the time spent on customer support. Ako Chatbot answers questions for you 24/7. 85% of their clients have reduced 2–3 hours on customer service every day.

4. Google Customer Reviews by AdNabu

Google Customer Reviews is a free service that allows Google to collect valuable feedback from customers who have purchased from your website. If you participate in the Google Customer Reviews program, you can turn on product reviews in the Google Customer Feedback Deactivation Survey module to view reports and reviews of products. With this app, you can monitor the following:

Product quality

In product reviews, you will see stars in your Shopping ads and may also appear in your Google product lists. These Google Notes help buyers make purchasing decisions that lead them to more appropriate customer product pages.

Build customer confidence

Google Customer Reviews Collect real customer reviews and earn your trust with the Google Customer Badge.

Improve your conversion rate

If you run a Shopping or Search campaign with a Google Ad, you’ll see a note appearing next to the announcement, which leads to an increase in the conversion rates and sales.

5. Loox — Photo Reviews by Loox

You can use Loox Reviews to easily collect reviews of your photos, build confidence, and increase sales! The best way is to include material evidence, such as product reviews from customers. However, this tactic isn’t going to work unless you enter a description of the photo. The Loox app can help you:

Gather opinions on autonomous driving

You can send an automatic review request email to a customer to rate your product, providing discounts on your photo review.

Increased confidence about website

Post product reviews from satisfied customers and boost your confidence in popups with great photo reviews and social proof reviews

Promote sales of product reviews

Share product reviews on social media, SEO, and Google Shopping to drive conversions and drive traffic to improve retention with review discounts.

6. Privy-Exit Pop-Ups and Email via Privy

These are a suite of email conversion and marketing tools, including popups or banners based on exit intent, which helps you grow your email list in the Shopify repository. No coding or development skills are required, so if you’re an inexperienced seller, this works perfectly fine for you. With this app, you can:

Expand and synchronize mailing lists

Create beautiful popups and add users to lists with easy-to-use targeting and triggers. You can also automatically sync your contacts with Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

Reduce cart abandonment

Use intentions and discounts on popups and targeted exits to close sales before people leave and restore using automatic recovery emails.

Email marketing automation

Send newsletter basket recovery information, order follow-up emails with master codes, and unique coupon codes synchronized with Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

7. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Consumers today want free delivery when they are shopping at e-retail stores. Recent data shows that about [88% of consumers are more likely to shop online if free delivery is promised]( With this app, you can not only offer free delivery but also share a personalized message when a customer adds an item to the cart. The app also lets you:

Increase the value and sales of your basket

You can set progressive mail basket goals and promote free delivery. Try to motivate your customers, increase the value of your basket and increase sales.

Advanced targeting

It helps you with advanced targeting, in the sense, you can view free deals that vary by country, page, or period of the device, and maximize sales growth for free.

Curated Holiday Themes

You can personalize the bar background image to increase sales by affecting conversions. For example, you can use a Christmas theme to convey the atmosphere of congratulations and sell promotions to your customers.

8. Google Ads with Smart Shopping by AdNabu

Google AdWords can overwhelm Shopify sellers for the first time. There are many best practices to follow when creating and managing your AdWords campaigns. New advertisers and agencies often miss out on these opportunities, and most are unsuccessful and spend a lot of money. Managing e-commerce activity is difficult because there are potentially thousands of unique products. The number of bids and keyword changes is vast and confusing to manage manually.

AdNabu complements AdWords’ best practices with long experience and extensive testing. Google is a crucial partner of Google and has expertise in search, purchase, and display campaigns. Each campaign created in AdNabu is guaranteed to have all of the Google AdWords best practices.

With this app, you can:

Increase your sales with Google PPC

Follow best practices for Google advertising to increase your sales.

Avoid mistakes and save time.

You can automatically resolve conversion tracking redirects, common errors in purchase flows.

Dedicated customer support

A Google certified specialist is available to help you with advice and strategic information.

9. SEO Marketing with SEO Booster-Secomapp

With this app, you can find the SEO score of any website or find your own SEO score. It offers advanced and more comprehensive features for your e-commerce store as compared to other apps in the market.

This app offers the following features:

Flash search engine optimization

You can make the most out of qualified natural traffic to your website with just one click. You can also automatically check and correct SEO to make sure your site is compatible with Google and Bing.

Increase your sales

Improve your search engine ranking and make your website clearer for potential customers, eventually leading to more conversions and an increase in sales.

10. Cookie GDPR from EU Cookie Bar-Booster

This app informs your customers that your site deploys the use of cookies. The banner gets hidden once the customer agrees to the cookie policy. This app is highly useful if you have a customer from the European Union. The app lets you:

Check Cookie and GDPR fields in one click

You are given steps to strengthen the security of your visitors, all of which are fully customizable.

Compliant with free GDPR cookies

The app is always free and involves no hidden costs.


The advantage of Shopify is that the platform provides an easy-to-use solution that allows you to create a basic online store in seconds. But if you’re looking for new ways to drive business growth, such as increasing sales and conversions, streamlining your shipping processes, or improving email marketing statistics, you’ll need to look beyond the regular to find the right solution.

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