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Turn your website visitors into customers through the power of Retargeting

January 25, 2017
Hi there! If you are here it means you are probably very familiar with the following situation: You own an online store and notice that your website visitors look at products, maybe even put them in their cart, but don't check out, i.e. purchase! Now, it would be a more interesting situation if those visitors (basically lost customers) would somehow find their way back to your store and actually make a purchase. How, you may ask? Well, the solution is simple but extremely effective: Retargeting Ads.

Retargeting to the rescue!

See Retargeting Ads as your new best friend. What it exactly does is track down previous visitors and displays ads of your products on their Facebook feed. Sounds easy enough right? Let's illustrate this with an easy example.

Anna owns her own online clothing store and although her products are being clicked on, the amount of check outs is relatively low. She installs a retargeting app. Now, let's say a girl named Emma visits her site, browses through the products but doesn't purchase anything. Thanks to the retargeting Ads from Anna, Emma will see the products she browsed before on Anna's website appear on her Facebook feed, and at the sidebar. The ads will remind Emma about those products she browsed before, what she liked about them and maybe lead her back to Anna's website to purchase.

In short, retargeting helps you reach back to previous visitors and remind them why exactly they liked your products. This way of advertising increases your chance of selling as you target those who have already visited your website before so they know what your website and product is about. Other ways of advertising target new visitors, this is proven less effective as you target a group of random people who might have never heard about your online store or your products.

Start your retargeting campaign today!

There you go, retargeting explained! If it sounds appealing to you then why hesitate? Get started today and get those lost customers back as soon as possible! Boost up your revenue and widen your audience in an instant!

If you want to set it up for your own website, try Ako Retargeting to get it done automatically!

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Enjoy Ako Retargeting and turn your visitors into customers!