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What is Ako Retargeting?

March 23, 2017

How can Ako Retargeting help my business?

Ako Retargeting helps you get your potential customers back to your website by delivering the most relevant product information to them.

Here is an example:

Let's say you are running an online jewelry store. There was a girl, Jean. She went to your website and stayed for a while. She browsed around and showed her interest in several products. However, she left without buying any products nor did she put the products into her shopping cart, or login to become your member. Now, how would you reach her again?

Get your visitors back!

After installing Ako Retargeting, you can create your own retargeting campaign to start attracting more customers to your website. Previous visitors will see your ads on their Facebook timeline, mobile news feed, and column side bar. They will see the products that they have showed interest in while they are visiting your website. In other words, the products shown in the ads will depend on the user's interactions with your store. It's all built-in and entirely automatic by using our impressive algorithms and dynamic ads technology.<br>
Seeing the products you've seen before appear on your timeline will remind you of why you initially liked the product or maybe just spur you to go back to that website and purchase it.

Different from Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you reach new users, Ako Retargeting helps you reach previous visitors. These are 2 different things, by reaching out to users who have visited your store but left before they put anything in their cart you widen your reach tremendously. Plus those visitors have higher potential to return to the website and shop.

An up-to-date product catalog at all times

Ako Retargeting will maintain your product catalog for Facebook Ads automatically. This means that whenever you decide to add products to (or drop from) your webshop, Ako Retargeting will automatically update your product information on Facebook on a daily basis. This translates into new dynamic ads about your brand new products within 24 hours after you updated your products on your webshop!

Installment and create your own retargeting campaign

A guide to easily install Ako Retargeting can be found here.

Check out this blogpost to know more about creating your own retargeting campaign.

Have you ever heard of Facebook retargeting campaign? If you want to set it up for your own website, try Ako Retargeting to get it done automatically!

Ako Retargeting on Shopify: https://goo.gl/vrERY1

Contact us: service@akohub.com

Enjoy Ako Retargeting and turn your visitors into customers!