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Why should we wait a few days before activating the retargeting ads?

December 07, 2016

Retargeting campaign: important for brand awareness and increase in revenue

Running a Facebook retargeting campaign becomes more and more essential for e-commerce websites nowadays. It is one of the best proven ways to reach back to your previous website visitors who left without purchasing anything.

It not only boosts your brand awareness but also drives more sales from your potential customers. A Facebook retargeting campaign shows your website's ad on the Facebook feed of those who visited your website before and it usually shows them the product they are most likely interested in. This way, they are reminded of that product and might be triggered to return to your website and purchase it.

What is dynamic Product Audience?

In Facebook Audiences, there is an option of making a "custom audience". A custom audience is a customary target group you can make out of your existing customers. Basically, you can choose these custom audiences manually and target them with your ad creatives. Only few types of custom audiences must be generated by Facebook Marketing API. "Product Audience" is one of the specific custom audiences.

Product Audience aggregates events for each product, including viewing its product page, adding it to shopping cart or purchasing a product. Those events are saved via Facebook Pixel which was embedded in your website in advance. Hence, the product audience allows you to deliver those specific products information to the audiences who had viewed them or added them to the cart precisely.

What if we activate retargeting campaign right after installation?

When you finished setting the Facebook accounts and accepted the requests for your page and ad account, Ako Retargeting builds a dynamic product audience for you. The product audience collects those people who visited your website and viewed some of your products within a certain period of time. It also excludes those people who have purchased your products within a certain period of time to avoid duplicated retargeting. The special custom audience starts to collect audiences after the retargeting service is built. If you just activate the campaign immediately after your retargeting was set, the audience size you collected may be too small to reach your desired customer base, thus weaken the effectiveness of the campaign.

A Tip to boost the conversion rate of retargeting ads

In our best practices, we suggest you to **wait 5 to 7 days** in order to collect more audiences from your website visitors. An ad campaign simply performs better when the audience size is greater than 100 people.

If you didn't collect the amount of audiences in the first week, try to create a post engagement campaign with a small budget to increase your website visitors! The more audiences you collected, the more conversion rate you could achieve. Let's try this small tip today to see better performance!

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