Akohub | [2022/12/21]-Carrier Service 將於 2023/01/01 起適用於 Shopify 以上方案 article
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[2022/12/21]-Carrier Service 將於 2023/01/01 起適用於 Shopify 以上方案

December 21, 2022
目前 Shopify 方案是 Basic Plan 的商家們,即明年 2023/01/01 開始,申請 Carrier Service 的方式調整了,修改申請方式如下:
  1. Shopify Advanced / Plus plans 可依然擁有 Carrier Service 服務。
  2. Shopify plan 可以申請 Carrier Service,且不需轉為年繳就可申請。
  3. Shopify Basic plan 無法申請 Carrier Service 。
Requirements for accessing the CarrierService resource
To access the CarrierService resource, add the write_shipping permission to your app's requested scopes. For more information, see API access scopes.

Your app's request to create a carrier service will fail unless the store installing your carrier service meets one of the following requirements:

  • It's on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • It's on the Shopify plan with yearly billing, or the carrier service feature has been added to the store for a monthly fee. For more information, contact Shopify Support.
  • It's a development store.
If a store changes its Shopify plan, then the store's association with a carrier service is deactivated if the store no long meets one of the requirements above.